Melanie G.

“Our makeup and hair literally lasted for over 12 hours, from the morning til the afterparty. My own makeup didn't smudge even throughout my happy tears and my hair lasted through over 8 hours dancing.”

We know you have never done this before
and we got you!

We are sensitive to protect your energy and anticipate your needs so you can be present for every moment of your day. We are here to support you each step of the way.


We know you want to look and feel like yourself but the most beautiful version possible. Our mission is to work together to bring your dream wedding vision to life.

Want to look exquisite but feel authentic

Especially when it comes to the arts. Our team has an eye for detail from start to finish, from initial booking to customizing your look. We style with intention to make your experience effortless while delivering the high quality result leaving you feeling fulfilled. 

Have a taste for the finer things

Let us be the investigators to truly understand your vision through transparent communication and a detailed process. You can’t help but relax and have an unforgettable experience by trusting us to do what we do best.

Invest in expertise

We create elegant looks for our clients by pulling inspiration from today's trends and marrying that with a timeless beauty approach.

Are modern & contemporary appreciate timeless and classic


Number Of Weddings Last Year 


Avg Number Of Years Our Artists Have Been In The Industry


Languages are spoken by the team: Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese, German, Korean, Russian, and Spanish

Average amount That Our Clients Normally Invest


Of Our Clients Have Us Stay For Concierge Services. Ask Us Why?


Countries we’ve worked in Mexico, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Jamaica, Switzerland, Australia just to name a few.


Even though this is a first for you, we’ve been here many times - we’ve got your back. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking “damn, they’ve thought of everything!”


When we combine your features & your vision with our creativity - magic happens. All we care about is making sure you feel understood! We are super open to feedback - brutal honesty please. 


Education is one of the pillars Angeleno is built on. There is always room for growth. We invest heavily into our team providing hands-on workshops and attending beauty conferences annually from world renowned artists.


Pulling from our experience on film, commercials, and red carpet events, not to mention, maintaining makeup and hair in the midst of heatwave in Palm Springs.… we’ve seen it all. Every hair texture, skin condition, emotion, or the unexpected, we’ve got you!


We’re passionate about love and relationships, and always learning more to improve our own. We’ll support you by sharing our favorite teachers, courses, books, and podcasts.

Beauty Starts With a Relationship

NO 3

We show up with compassion & patience knowing that you’ve never been in this position before. We are here for you. Always keeping an open-door policy on communication and providing a sense of calm.

Leading with heart

NO 2

All genders, ages, races, and sexual identities are welcomed and celebrated at Angeleno Beauty. We are here to serve humans, not sow division. All of our artists have diverse experiences within the industry.

All Love Stories Are Welcome 

NO 1



Submit your inquiry form telling us about you & your wedding, and we’ll get in touch asap!



Once we get your inquiry, we’ll schedule a call with Stephanie and chat through all the details and options.


Based on your preferences and our availability, we’ll help you pick the perfect artist for the day.


We’ll send you a link with the proposal, contract, and invoice. Reserve the date with a 30% retainer. Once complete, then your team is officially booked!


Also known as a trial - sometimes this comes before you pay our retainer. Whatever you prefer! This is the ideal time to see how your vision is gonna look with your selected artist.


We’ll get to work on planning the most perfect morning for you, and will give you all the details on the month of.


Sit back knowing that you have trusted pros on your team, and let us take care of you.



Get all the goss from previous clients:

 I'm almost embarrassed to say this for fear of sounding like a bridezilla, but I had 7 makeup trials before finding Angeleno.! I'm a hairstylist and makeup artist myself so my standards are extremely high since I could just do it myself. I really just wanted to be a bride on my day and be pampered. I finally breathed a sigh of relief when I found Stephanie. She was so mellow and knew exactly what I wanted. I felt like a freaking Victoria's Secret model when she was done! I got asked over and over who did my makeup for my wedding because I looked that good. Look no further, Angeleno’s your team!

I chose Angeleno because as a mixed race person, I felt they had relevant experience with varied skin tones, eye shapes, hair texture and so on. Stephanie nailed my goal look during our trial and recreated it perfectly on the day. The makeup stayed put very well! No eyelashes lost. I felt great, I was glammed up but not over the top, it was more than my "natural beauty" shining through, but that's what I wanted! She was very nice to work with and a pleasure to have around the day of.

The Angeleno Beauty Team are a MUST-HAVE, especially on your big day! Stephanie is an absolutely gem and she is so easy to work with. Her communication style is prompt, straight-forward, and organized, so you definitely don't have to worry about being ghosted. On the big day the team arrived early to set up and immediately get through all 10 ladies, including myself! Future bride, if you're currently reading through this review... this is your sign to hire the Angeleno Beauty team. You won't be disappointed - TRUST!


“Christy is the best! From the trial, to the booking, to the day of...she NAILED IT! My makeup and hair was flawless, her team was ridiculously talented. Thank you for adding to the joy & love of my wedding day!
I am so grateful.”

Miriam S.

There’s nothing more gratifying than being a part of your love story


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